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Welcome to Pakistani Chat room Network sponsored by FunCafe Chat Network. This could be your one stop for entertainment, chatting, and meeting new people around the globe from Pakistani ethnicity. This Live Chat Room provides you a fun and entertaining environment which brings us all together under one umbrella. Due to the high demand of online pakistani chat rooms without registration, we have designed this chat room for our users. Our users come here because they feel safe here in the clean pakistani chat room environmentm

What do we offer?

At our Pakistani Chat Rooms we offer you clean and free chat room environment along with Live Web Radio where you can connect with different people around the globe and in Pakistan who comes online for the same intention; i.e: to chat and meet new people nad make friends. We offer Live Web Radio here at our Pakistani Chat Room Network.

All our Rooms have decent users from Pakistan and we have admins that take care of the main chat as well as are always ready to help when required.

We have a dedicated support team that works around the clock to provide you constant support.

We also have a promotions team who works hard with making our latest content available to you.

What makes us better?

Our sleek designs makes it easier for our users to chat and interact.

Our safe environment and SSL enabled website makes it easier for users to trust us with their privacy as everything is encrypted and nobody can access your personal chat here. We take privacy very seriously.

Our highly trained and professional Radio Jockeys as well as DJs bring to you the best of the music in all genres, from Desi Hiphop to Slow romantic tracks as well as Rap beat for Rap lovers.

Our Live Web Radio shows are designed to entertain you with new content and every Live Radio Show brings you a new touch and feel of Pakistani Music.

What Pakistani Chat Rooms do we offer?

There's no end here. We believe that everybody has the right to chat on our platform of Pakistani Chat Room in the way they want to. We have a site for Mibbit Chat Room, Flash Chat Room, Kiwi Chat Room as well as you can connect to our chat room via an Internet Relay Chat Client.

We are also always looking to promote young talent from Pakistan. In our Pakistani Chat Rooms if you have what it takes to entertain people, you can apply to become a Radio Jockey, even if you don't have any experience, we will train you for what your talent's worth. Dont hesitate to contact a radio admin in the chat room for further details.

Why We Are Best

Our Pakistani Chat Rooms were designed to provide you with a clean and decent environment. In our Online Chat rooms, the major difference is that we have our well-trained admins that are present in the chat room to provide our users with the best of the chat room experience. In case of any queries or complains feel free to reach out to an admin in the chat room or our Support Page

Secondly, our Radio Jockeys and Radio Team strives hard around the clock, to provide you with the most entertaining and interesting Live Shows on our Live Web Radio Porl. At the times when our RJ(s) / DJ(s) are not available, we have a well-maintained

Pakistani Chat Room Portals

Welcome to the Pakistani Chat Rooms Network. The term Pakistani Chat Room doesn't simply attract the people residing in Pakistan, but also those people who reside on international grounds and are settled outside Pakistan.

We believe in providing the best user experience to our chatters. We provide them with different platforms to chat through.

Connect via Internet Relay Chat Client

Connections via IRC clients are limited but not restricted. Ask an admin for further details on how could you connect to our Pakistani Chat Room network via Internet Relay Chat

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These people settled overseas sometimes feel homesick. At that time, far away from their homeland and their families, they tend to search online for Pakistani Chat Room to provide them an environment where they can come to chat and talk to people that shares the same interests or hobbies. With that opportunity being provided in our Live Chat Rooms, these people can forget about their sorrows and problems, and talk to their friends through our platform and become stress free.

We strive hard to give you the best experience when it comes to Pakistani Chat Rooms. Our Online Chat rooms consists of Live Chat Rooms designed for our users from different cities of Pakistan.

Want to be An RJ on Our Live Web Radio?

Our Dedicated Radio team strives hard to provide our users with the best Live Web Radio shows with decent and unique content as well as amusing music. If you think you have what it takes to be an RJ (even if you don't have any prior experience) fill out the form below and someone from the Radio team will get back to you.